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mandelapic As we mourn the death of Nelson Mandela here are some facts about the iconic leader you may have not known.

* “Nelson Mandela International Day” is celebrated on his birthday, July 18th. Observers participate in varying levels of community service.

* Mandela birth name was Rolihlahla which means to “pull a tree” or “troublemaker,” and was given the name Nelson by a schoolteacher.

* Mandela was born of royalty, his grandfather was king of the Thembu Tribe.

*Mandela was also known as Madiba which is the name of the Thembu clan to which Mandela belonged. It is also the clan name for kings.

* The peacekeeping humanitarian once belonged to the armed faction of the African National Congress (ANC) as part of the Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) or “Spear Of The Nation.”

*Mandela was viewed as a terrorist by the South African regime. After initially being charged to serve five years in prison , the government reportedly learned of a bombing plot, and kept him behind bars for 27 years.

*As a prisoner,Mandela was allowed to tend a small garden and enjoyed sharing with others.

* While in prison As a prisoner, Mandela was only allowed one visitor per year, for just a half hour. He could only send and receive one letter every six months.

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