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S (Schedule It)

Hoping is hopeless, so instead of saying, “I will workout three times a week in 2014,” say, “I will work out on Tuesdays in the morning, Thursdays after work and Saturday mornings.” By being specific and by scheduling it, you are greatly increasing the chances of greeting 2015 with a smaller waistline than if you just “hoped” you could. So kick Mr.Vagueness to the curb and show up now, so you can show off later!

U (Understand You May Fail)

No lady, I am not condoning negative thoughts or telling you that you should plan to fail. What I am saying though is that when “you-know-what” hits the fan, you better be ready to hit back.  Having a plan for the unplanned is key when it comes to winning in the end.

Say your girlfriends try and convince you to order the unlimited drinks option at brunch when you know one or two is all you need…what are you going to say? Perhaps your boo still plans on hosting Monday night football at your place in 2014…what are you going to do when wings are staring you in the face week in and week out? Make an escape plan for every situation possible so when temptations arise, you are absolutely ready.

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