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Is it offensive to call a black man “boy” or “kid”?

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Dear Blackman,

I know calling a black man ‘boy’ is definitely considered racist and offensive and has long-standing negative connotations but would calling an adult black male ‘kid’ cause racial offense?


The Blackman:

Hi RB,

Calling a black man “boy” or “kid” are only racially offensive pending on the context and intention on how the term is being used. If a person uses it with the purpose of trying to condescend or belittle a black man then of course if is offensive. If it is used in a playful, slang-oriented way then I don’t see it being used in a disparaging way at all.

Just like many terms and phrases that are used in society, it is all based on the intention  of the speaker on whether it is offensive or not.

I hope this helps.