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sears-racismIn 2004, Kanye West rapped, “Racism still alive, they just be concealing it.” Ten years after that line, racism is still alive and well, only it’s no longer being concealed. An employee at Sears in Winnipeg, Canada was recently reprimanded for making a racist comment to a customer and it was all caught on tape.

The video starts as the argument between the Sears employee and customer just begins to heat up. But we found out what allegedly started the whole altercation. As the story goes, the customer had his child on a display lawnmower. The employee demanded the child be removed from the display. Then, the video starts and you hear the employee asking the man if he just got off the boat.


The customer, obviously offended, flies of the handle and begin screaming for the store manager to come. He also screams cuss words as he waits. The video cuts off before we get to see if the employee is reprimanded, but according to news reports, the employee was initially suspended. However, after the video began to get traction on the internet, the employee was fired by Sears’ corporate offices.

Sears spokesman Victor Power apologized for the incident and any and all people who were there. He also said corporate offices were discussing when and how to retrain staff on conduct. “This is not the kind of behaviour that is demonstrated by Sears people across Canada.”

Check the video below.



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