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Sister 2 Sister Mag 25th Anniversary Party

Lisa Raye never holds her tongue.She lays it all out there.  Good bad or indifferent she owns it.  Today obviously overcome with the emotion of losing our spiritual mother Maya Angelou  she shared the following:

The encouragement, the heartfelt msgs and much needed quotes you have given all of us will never be takin for granted. The discussion u gave me about single parenting goes down in history. That voice…. so strong, full of wisdom and belief. I soaked it in & praying for my alignment w/purpose 2 do my part. Thank u – U will be missed phenomenal woman indeed. #DoingmyPart #LR=LifeRocks

Lisa  isn’t alone in recognizing Dr. Angelou’s messages. . Take a look at what others are saying!

Erica Campbell shared the following:

“Dr. Maya Angelou demonstration of courage, grace and brilliance will forever serve as a healing force to this world. It’s now our responsibility to teach to the very young about all she has taught us.”

John Legend took to twitter.