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Fantasia is currently in a custody battle with the father of her 13-year-old daughter Zion. Brandel J. Shouse, a North Carolina resident, is seeking full custody of his teenage daughter.

Just a few years ago he was working at Pizza Hut in Durham (NC) and trying to kick off his singing career. Wonder what he’s doing these days that will allow him to provide for Zion better than he did back then?

Back in 2006 I interviewed Brandel right after Fantasia’s Lifetime movie was released to get his side of the story. During the interview he owns up to hitting Fantasia, not having the best relationship with her and allows us to listen to his music – because he was trying to kick start his musical career.

This new custody battle will be interesting, especially if nothing has changed.

Check out the interview and tell us what you think – Is he seeking custody for love or money?


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