As the child support battle between Nas and his ex-wife Kelis wages on, the legendary MC has reportedly revealed how much he makes per month as part of the proceedings. Kelis is asking for more money to support their 8-year-old son Knight and according to TMZ,Nas filed legal documents disclosing his income in an effort to show the […]

Fantasia is currently in a custody battle with the father of her 13-year-old daughter Zion. Brandel J. Shouse, a North Carolina resident, is seeking full custody of his teenage daughter. Just a few years ago he was working at Pizza Hut in Durham (NC) and trying to kick off his singing career. Wonder what he’s […]

We have been reporting for months on the epic divorce battle in which Master P and estranged wife Sonya Miller have been publicly dragging each other through…

It seems that the men Evelyn Lozada chooses to be with all have some drama that comes along with them. Lozada’s latest beau Los Angeles…

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka claims his sympathy for her deceased son is bogus stating he only visited him once during his 15 days in the hospital and didn’t attend the funeral. Usher filed a motion to postpone the delay the next hearing in light of the death of Tameka’s son, Kyle, who was killed in a […]

Usher is still under attack by his ex-wife, even after being hospitalized and slapped with a restraining order. Tameka Foster is fighting for full custody of their children and now she’s got more ammunition. According to reports Foster is using everything she can to win, including Usher’s stalker. In the beginning, she cited Usher’s hectic […]

As The Raymonds continue their custody battle Tameka is now requesting $50,000 from Usher to pay her legal fees. The 50,000 include 15,000 for lawyer fees and the additional 35,000 for the retention of various expert witnesses, hiring private investigators, and procuring out-of-state depositions. She feel she is entitled to the money because of the […]