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Need some randomness for your Tuesday? You got it, thanks to the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest, Metta World Peace.

Peace linked up with Nicki Minaj for an interview where they discussed everything from her favorites countries to perform in to what she sleeps in.

Check out some of their exchange below:

Metta: What are your top 5 countries to perform in?
Nicki: America, Trinidad, UK, France, Australia
Metta: If you were not an entertainer, what would you be doing?
Nicki: Being a lawyer and a mother.
Metta: Whats your top five color lipsticks?

Nicki: I go back and forth between nude and pink and sometimes a deep red. Those are the only 3 I’m rocking with right now.
Metta: Do you have matching pajamas outfits or do you just wing it?
Nicki: I just wing it, thongs and t-shirts
Metta: Do you like to cook for your man or would you rather go out and eat?
Nicki: I love cooking for my man
Metta: What did you think when I changed my name for two days to Metta Minaj?
Nicki: I thought it was hilarious, it was very shocking and I loved that you had such a great sense of humor.
Metta: When can we see you in a blockbuster movie?
Nicki: Hopefully within the next year and a half.
Metta: Do you consider Queens the Mecca of hip hop?
Nicki: No.
Metta: What’s been the most annoying process when you were trying to enter the music business?
Nicki: Having someone believe in me enough to give me a record deal
Metta: Have you ever been to my hood, Queensbridge?
Nicki: Yes

Source: MWP

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