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Many of us have gotten to know Diamond Strawberry as a cast member on Vh1’s “Love & Hip Hop New York,” however the Met’s baseball legend’s (Darryl Strawberry) daughter is more than how she’s portrayed–a screaming and yelling baby momma who left her daughter in Los Angeles so she could pursue her own life and her man, music producer Cisco. Sounds like she could give us some relationship advice…or nah. We went for it anyway! But we needed someone else to add to the mix, someone who knows a thing of two about love.

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So we snagged up R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo, who is constantly churning out hits for himself and others without fail. You know him and more than likely, you’re a fan and his lyrics have helped you move your ex “to the left, to the left.” So in typical #TeamBeautiful fashion, we placed this odd couple together to give us insight on various topics, including long distance love tips, how to talk a woman down from her crazy rants and we even found out the wildest places these two have had sex! Check it out!

HelloBeautiful: What’s the biggest obstacle in merging families?

Ne-Yo: I’m not sure. [laughs] There’s always a possibility of members from each side of the family not getting along, children not getting along, that’s really it. There’s financial obstacles—more people means more money to spend to take care of all these people. These things can stand in the way if you allow them to stay in the way.

Diamond Strawberry: It would definitely be with the kids, baby momma drama or the kids not getting along or the girlfriend having to learn her man’s kids and vice versa, it’s just difficult. If there’s genuine love there, you can overcome anything.

HB: Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

Ne-Yo: The kitchen in a pizza parlor. This is way, way back. I was much younger and she worked at a pizza place. It wasn’t even like a franchise pizza place. I went to pick her up and there it was.

DS: I’m sure everybody knows. The weirdest place I’ve had sex is in the car. To clear that up, when I got here, we were not having sex in the car, we were having sex in hotels. I was referring to me being in L.A…anyways. I take that back! I have done it…can I say it? People are going to be like this b*tch! The weirdest place I’ve had sex is the club. They made the mistake of having a coed bathroom and me and Cisco went in there and did our business.

HB: What’s the hardest part about being in a long distance relationship?

Ne-Yo: You’re so far away from the people that you love. Just the fact that your significant other is so far away, it can mess with you, play tricks on you. You make assumptions about stuff. You call, they don’t pick up right away, your mind starts racing. If you’re going to be in a long distance relationship, trust is going to be even 10 times more important that in a regular relationship. It gets difficult.

DS: Not being able to see that person when you want to. Sometimes you want to cuddle and wake up next to that person, touch and see them and you can’t and it sucks.

And a little something something extra from Ne-Yo:

HB: What are your go-to tactics for talking your girl off the ledge?

Ne-Yo: I might get in trouble for this. What I’ve learned over the years, they’re either already standing on the ledge about to chew your head off or are in a running start towards the ledge. You have to turn it around. You have to make whatever it is about her. You are the enemy and she is the destroyer tank and she will do just that. You have to find a way to politely turn things around and make it about her. It’s got to be clever. She can’t be barking on you and then you say, ‘Hey baby, your hair looks nice today.’ That doesn’t work. [laughs] Flip it back around. Women love to talk about themselves and love to know they’re being listened to when they talk. You’ve got to figure out a way to work that in your favor.

Check out Diamond talking about starting a group home:


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