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Source: Ben Rose / Getty

In what is quickly becoming known as the body slam felt around the world, rapper, Plies, was suplexed off stage at a concert last night in Tallahassee, FL.

In the clips surfacing online, the rapper is on stage and in extremely close proximity to a male fan, who claims he just wanted to shake Plies hand. Plies, uncomfortable, and starts talking about how two men shouldn’t be this close, then the fan turns into Macho Man Randy Savage and suplexes Plies right off the stage as his bodyguards watch.

Does Beyonce‘s bodyguard, Julius, have anyone he can refer, because Plies, you need better security – and a talk show.

Another angle:

The man responsible for the attack took to Youtube to explain his actions – which he suggest was clearly a misunderstanding. #Whenfansattack


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