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Charlie Sheen revealing that he is in fact HIV positive has brought much needed attention to the topic of HIV/ AIDS awareness. In light of HIV awareness being on the forefront of everyones consciousness, we interviewed K. Knight– writter/ blogger for The Lux Blog  and local HIV/ AIDS activist. and K. Knight

K. Knight became a widow at age 31, after he husband died suddenly from AIDS after hiding it from her for 8 years and living with the disease untreated and in denial.

K. Knight’s story was published by Sheen Magazine – and although she is HIV Negative, she has become an HIV/ AIDS activist, helping inform and encourage the masses about HIV Awareness, early detection and prevention.

Read K. Knight’s story here and listen to her revealing, and in depth interview with from K97.5  below. The pair discuss who’s most at risk for HIV, why knowing your status is so important and more.