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Who would have guessed that a FOX News anchor believes stereotypes about Black people?

During a special Thanksgiving segment on Fox & FriendsHarris Faulkner was showing her co-hosts how to make her peach cobbler for the holidays. She chatted with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, cheerily explaining how she prepares the dish.

It was a pretty normal cooking segment until Brian Kilmeade asked one of the dumbest questions in FOX News history (which is saying something):

“Do you make Kool-aid?” he questioned, forcing Harris to stutter and do a double take.

She was visibly caught off guard as she told him, “Uh, no. I don’t make Kool-Aid.”

It was such an obviously off-color remark that everyone on the set was quiet. That’s a special kind of ignorance.

Thankfully, Faulkner was able to keep things moving before he asked her about fried chicken and watermelon. We almost can’t believe he asked that, but then we remembered it’s FOX News.


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