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The internet will really have you believing some of the most improbable things are facts.

Last week George Zimmerman made headlines when it was revealed that he was attempting to sell the gun used to kill Trayvon Martin in an online auction.(Click HERE if you missed that)

The auction was taken down and another auction was posted where someone named “Racist McShootface” drove the price up to $65 million dollars, which ruined the chances of anyone else bidding on the item.

Rumors began to swirl on social media that Kendrick Lamar was the one who secretly purchased the gun and destroyed it. Of course the internet took that story and ran with it. Many people posted a story from a fake site on their Facebook and Instagram pages that caused the story to go viral.

I guess some people believed this story because Kendrick has referenced Trayvon’s murder in his music…but so have Rick Ross and Fabolous.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for the Internets, but this one is 100% not true!