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Akon always gives back.

Last year, the platinum artist and his electric company Akon Lighting Africa made a commitment to bring electricity to more than 600 million people in Africa without power. When he made the announcement, it basically went unnoticed. Why? The major headline of that week featured the ‘I Am Caitlyn’ cover introducing the world to Caitlyn Jenner.

When Akon stopped by Global Grind to introduce us to his new artist OG Boo Dirty, he explained more about the rollout.

In just three and a half years, Akon’s company is servicing 14 countries in Africa.

“What makes it even better is that we are actually using the locals as the catapult of the project...Now they have jobs, it’s not like you’re handing them anything, it’s not a charity.”

Akon revealed that he wasn’t upset his efforts originally went unnoticed. In fact, he claims the Caitlyn Jenner announcement actually helped him.

“In so many ways, I think the Caitlyn Jenner situation was a blessing for the project. It was because of the Caitlyn Jenner piece that people even noticed what I’m doing. I was just happy that people took notice.”

Akon really doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight. He brought the conversation back to OG Boo Dirty, stressing that the rapper’s love for his family was one of the reasons why he decided to work with him.


“The most blessed people on this earth are the people that take care of their family,” he said.

We couldn’t agree more. Check out the rest of our conversation in the video above.

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