Several celebrities have found themselves in the middle of federal charges against Justin Sun, a "crypto asset entrepreneur" who owns and operates three different crypto companies.

A clip surfaced of the "Locked Up" singer insinuating that African entertainers are better than Black Americans, causing social media uproar.

In a recent interview with Nick Cannon, Akon reveals that he has been working on his city since March. He stated that the name of his city will be called “Akon City.” The city will be ran on renewable energy sources, along with an airport for non-city owners to fly in and out of. Related […]

Hey #LiveSquad! We have another possible contender for president in the 2020 race. #Akon says he’s seriously considering a 2020 White House run against trump! “I’ve been thinking about running for 2020 very seriously,” he said in a recent interview. “But I didn’t want to just do it because I feel like I want to continue […]

Akon could be the next president of the United States. The singer said recently in an interview that he is considering a run for the oval office in 2020. The 45-year-old has had his hand in everything from investing in solar energy to crypto-currency. In an interview with Newsweek Akon said that having Donald Trump […]

In just three and a half years, Akon's company is servicing 14 countries in Africa.


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Check out this quick documentary about Jeezy & Akon’s collaboration on “Soul Survivor” and how it led to success for both artists.

In case you’ve been wondering what Akon is up to these days, he has apparently been busy with  launching a new academy that is set to…

It’s a new year and new music continues to be released – this time it’s Akon. The international superstar has treated his fans to not one, but five new tracks off his upcoming album, STADIUM, in 5 different genres. Take a listen below. ‘To Each His Own’ (Pop) ‘Whole Lot’ (Urban) ‘Just A Man’ (Feat. Stephen […]

Yesterday it was widely reported that Minister Ma$e lost over a million followers on Instagram in 20 minutes, thus deleting his entire account — but he wasn’t the only celebrity to have been a victim of the #InstagramRapture of 2014. Instagram purged millions of fake accounts yesterday that celebrities (or their labels/ management) more than […]