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Football stadium filled with spectators during game, twilight

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The gridiron is quickly becoming a battlefield against racial injustice. Numerous football players have made headlines lately for protesting on game day. Now several members of the East Carolina Marching Pirates have joined the fight.

According to Yahoo Sports, several band members refused to play the national anthem while others “took a knee.” The protest was not received entirely well by the crowd, who chose to boo the Marching Pirates during their halftime performance.

Now Fayetteville, NC radio affiliate 100.1 FM ESPN is refusing to broadcast the ECU game this coming Saturday.

According to Colonial Media and Entertainment CEO Jeff Andrulonis, ESPN Fayetteville has decided to “protest the protest.” He goes on to imply that “the band could have quietly protested in the early morning hours before the game” and that they chose not to protest in the early hours because “that would have required them to wake up early.”

The ECU marching band is well within their First Amendment rights to protest in the manner that they did, while Colonial is well within their rights to disagree with them.

However, is Colonial Media taking it too far by choosing to not air the game?

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