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Global Grind got the chance to speak with “Raise Hell” artist Sir The Baptist ahead of the fully-loaded TIDAL X: 1015 benefit concert this weekend. A rising star, The Baptist is all set to perform alongside some of the biggest names in the world, including Beyonce, Alicia keys, Robin Thicke, Nicki Minaj, and more.

So what’s the Atlantic Records signee been up to and how is he preparing to kill the stage? Following his hilarious chat with us a couple of months ago, we learn it looks like he’ll be done with his debut album PK: Preacher’s Kid at the top of this year, he isn’t really here for Birth of a Nation critics, and more.

On what he’s working on at the moment:

“Right now, I’m working on a lot. I’m finishing my album for the top of the year, it feels like. I’m working on multiple videos, music videos, short films. I’m also going around and showing the Birth of a Nation movie to different states and in my downtime prepping for a show with the greatest people in the world. It’s kind of weird right now,” he admits with a laugh.

On how he’s prepping for TIDAL X: 1015:

“You know what, I’ll prep a little bit but more than anything just focusing on ‘Why are you here?’ One, I’m a Christian so I know that all things come in by the works of the lord. I know it’s got to be God. You got to ask yourself ‘Why are you here?’ It’s not like I’m one of the most trending artists, so why did I get the opportunity? When Jay and I talked, it was literally ‘Your story, purpose-driven stuff,’ so I know when I get up there the way to plan for it is just to focus on purpose,” he says of a recent conversation with Jay Z. He continues, “Why are you here? Know that you’re here to feed people in a different type of way, and give them something to hold on to.”

On whether ministering to people about today’s issues is natural for him:

“It’s natural to talk about it because my dad was a pastor, but it is complicated because not everybody wants to treat themselves with something healthy. We don’t necessarily want that. As a natural-born leader, I want to talk about the issues that’s important to people. As an artist, it’s kind of complicated because you have to find ways to market around what people don’t want to hear. Everybody wants to turn up. But it seems like our generation is kind of shifting from that – the Kendricks, the J. Coles, everybody’s opening their third eye and willing to listen to some deeper stuff.”

On the Birth of a Nation controversy and whether people have been supportive:

“Yea, people are interesting until they see it. When they see it, they realize how important this is to the culture and to our moving this nation forward. You see why it’s the number one contender for an Oscar, but you have to watch it first and remove the fact that – allegations that he’s been cleared of – you know, move passed his past. This is about our future here as a country, which, he gave some secrets in that film that I feel like some people don’t want (laughs)… people to know.”

He continues, “You can get distracted with the media and the industry part of it. But they can pull out something on your grandma and be like ‘Yup! This is why she shouldn’t be interviewing nobody!” he jokingly says of my background. “You know what I mean? This is just that industry – it’s easy to tear people down off of propaganda. But forget all of that, this is something that we haven’t had in a very long time. It’s not a made-up film. This is true history. This is like, you can trace this to somebody’s bloodline. It’s very enlightening.”

On what he’s doing when it’s just him and his friends:

“I’m trying to feed my friends in some sort of way, right? If you’re around me, I’m always trying to encourage them to do more, do things to broaden horizons… perspectives. I’m always trying to contribute to the people around me so that, in return, when I need it they’ll contribute to me. That’s whether it’s eating food and just hanging out, or smoking and drinking and talking about God. I’m like this hippy preacher with a bunch of hippy friends and we just have fun. We really don’t go to the club like that and when we do, it’s the most random thing – in Atlanta with Gucci Mane or something like that,” he laughs. “That’s what it’s like…”


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