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This time, the effected community is Euclid, Ohio. This time, the young victim’s name is Richard Hubbard III. This time, the arrest was for driving with a suspended license.

These are the only unique facts that The Washington Post reports about the most recent viral police violence that has garnered over 3 million Facebook views. The other facts of this case have become standard in the political theater of state violence caught on video. As usual, the names of the officers haven’t been released.

As usual, the arresting officer is on paid vacation (otherwise known as administrative leave) while a department spokesperson assures the public that “this entire incident will be reviewed, in detail, so that the public can have a full and open understanding of the series of events that eventually led to this violent encounter.” As usual, the mayor of the small town, Kirsten Gail, is “seriously concerned.”

Hubbard and his girlfriend were driving when police sources say Hubbard “rolled through an intersection.” The arresting officer ran the car’s tags and found that Hubbard’s license was suspended.

The officer asked Hubbard to step out of the car and immediately slammed his face into the side of the car. He then continued to push and punch a compliant Hubbard, seemingly becoming more incensed as Hubbard tried to block his blows. The incident was recorded by community members and police dash cams.

A neighbor filmed the beating as her six-year-old son watched, wondering aloud why the police were hurting a man. In the midst of the beating, Hubbard begs his girlfriend to film the incident. The girlfriend can be heard screaming, “He’s not resisting! He’s not resisting!” 

Hubbard’s unprovoked beating is the second public relations crisis that Gail has tried to quell with her “serious” concerns. In March, Gail chimed in when her officer’s killed an unarmed Black man, 23-year-old Luke O. Stewart, the Cleve Scene reports. As usual, Officer Matthew Rhodes’ name wasn’t immediately released as he went on “administrative leave.”

Euclid activists are asking for more accountability from the police.



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