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Everyone knows the Live Squad is the BEST Squad so we wanted to find a way to get into the thoughts of our listeners. So, welcome our first LIVE SQUAD KNOWS BEST Poll! Here we go, let me know what you think?

According to,  over 50 percent of both men and women have admitted to cheating in a relationship they have had or are currently in. We’ve even seen some of your most respected celebrity couples go through VERY public cases of  infidelity. Beyonce managed to have every female in America breaking up with their significant others after we found out Jay-z cheated. Meanwhile sis continued to live her best life, by keeping her man and collecting her check from album sales. And we all saw how Keyshia Kaior stuck by her man, Gucci, when he was publicly with other girls, and from the looks of the big wedding special being a ride or die paid off for her. So my question for you Live Squad is would you stay in a relationship after getting cheated on?  Is it a difference when money, family, and business is involved? or is your motto “Once a cheater always a cheater?” I have to say for me it would depend on the circumstances… Let me know what you think?