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Tyrese has been pretty vocal about how much he loves his daughter Shayla, but the actor reportedly passed up the opportunity to spend time with her.

Tyrese had the opportunity to see his daughter last Saturday and on Monday (with a court monitor present). Well, one would think that Tyrese would jump at the chance to see his girl after dropping tears on the gram but Norma Gibson’s legal team claims they never heard from him and the visitation never went down. Tyrese has another chance to see Shayla this weekend, but he just jetted off to Abu Dhabi for a much needed break he claims.

“Headed to Abu Dhabi for the formula 1 races and to see my non judgmental family and to take a much needed break from America and the blogs,” he wrote on Instagram.

It’s unknown if he’ll be back to see his daughter this weekend but Norma’s team finds it funny that Tyrese created all this chaos on social media, but is out here passing up opportunities to see his daughter.

Aleen Khanjian, an attorney for Norma said, “We were disappointed to learn that Mr. Gibson won’t be exercising some of the visits with his daughter that we offered him for the next week!”

SMH so are yall still #TeamTyrese or nah?

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