Tuesday night, the second African American woman in history, Keisha Lance Bottoms, was elected as mayor of the city of Atlanta! This is a big win for women and African Americans everywhere, seeing as though topics such as race and many other controversial subjects proved to be surround the political campaign. If you were watching Mayor […]

So unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve seen how ya boy Tyrese has been all over social media! From his rants to saying he’s broke, to announcing his wife is pregnant. Well now we see him and his wife traveling the world in Dubai and other exotic places, but we haven’t seen a baby bump […]

So just when we thought Tyrese was going to stay out of the spotlight, we get word that the police has been called out to his house! The police reportedly responded to a video clip of a man tied up in Tyrese’s basement, who looked like he was being held captive. Once the police arrived […]

Tyrese is apologizing for his recent behavior. The singer posted a message on his IG page to let his followers know that the medication that he has been taking recently is responsible for his outbursts. Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

Tyrese has been pretty vocal about how much he loves his daughter Shayla, but the actor reportedly passed up the opportunity to spend time with her. Tyrese had the opportunity to see his daughter last Saturday and on Monday (with a court monitor present). Well, one would think that Tyrese would jump at the chance […]

Tyrese Gibson is going through some very trying times. The singer posted a very emotional video today where he is crying out because he is unable to see his daughter, Shayla. Black Ty is currently involved in a custody battle with his ex wife. Check out the video below.

Today Tyrese took to his social media to get some thing off his chest. In his post, which seemed more like a novel, Tyrese let his fans know about some issues he has been facing recently. He tells us that the Rock still hasn’t contacted him since their communication on Instagram, where he voiced his […]

This has been a long week for singer/actor Tyrese Gibson, being that he is going through a drawn out custody battle with his ex-wife. Yesterday, it seems like all of his stress finally caught up with him when he was hospitalized after experiencing chest pains. This all happened after he left the courthouse, but he […]

Most girls would be excited to have a plane flown over their school with a special message from their dad, but this famous dad’s daughter was not pleased.  Tyrese, reportedly, had a plane flown over his daughter’s school that read,  “NO MATTER WHAT, DADDY LOVES YOU SHAYLA.” Could Shayla be upset, because her dad decided […]

The two Fast & Furious stars have been going at each other on social media after it was revealed The Rock would be getting a solo spin off movie. In the latest beef installment, Tyrese re-posted The Rock’s take down of his Black Rose album, but it left some wondering if the rift was real […]

Tyrese Blasts Ex Wife Norma: I’m sorry I got re-married, but I’m not a bad dad. Tyrese is going through a little drama with his ex-wife Norma Mitchell. Black Ty posted a series of pics with the daughter that he shares with Norma and apologized for remarrying. He wanted his ex to know that her […]

But with a history of making sexist remarks, is anyone really accepting his apology?