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So unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve seen how ya boy Tyrese has been all over social media! From his rants to saying he’s broke, to announcing his wife is pregnant. Well now we see him and his wife traveling the world in Dubai and other exotic places, but we haven’t seen a baby bump or any sign of her being pregnant. Well he once again took to social media this morning. This time, however, he says that he lied about his wife being pregnant and once again blames the medication(Rexulti) that he was taking.
He then goes on to say that he was never broke and never received money from the Smith’s.
He also speaks on loosing the “Fast and Furious” deal saying. “That ‘Fast’ bag would have been nice of course but that’s life right?” But it looks like he has another movie that we can look forward to. The singer/actor says that he hired a camera crew that his been following since the start of all this mess and he plans on releasing a movie about it.

After going through his spill, he apologizes to his supporters and lets us know that he this will be his last post about the matter, but we’ve all heard that before!