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Unless you’ve been under a rock, you saw all the memes and videos of the interview with the Migos and Joe Budden. Well, just when we thought we could move on to the next hip hop beef, Migos have stirred the pot yet again! Wednesday night, on the Migos official Instagram page, the group dropped a promo video for their Control the Streets Vol. 1, which drops tonight.
So why is Joe Budden involved? Well, the video has a sound bite of Quavo sending shots at the rapper turned host. In the song Quavo says “If a ni**a hating call him Joe Budden” followed by the ad lib “p***y.” So yea, we that was a very direct shot.

Joe Budden didn’t sit back quietly though. he took to twitter where he said “Quavo want smoke? Lol” and “@QuavoStuntin i am your OG & you will respect me as such.”
I wonder how this one is going to play out… you know the Migos are known for handling their beefs in street fights. I don’t think they could do their OG like that though. LOL. Do you?