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For a while now, Dennis Rodman managed to stay out of the spotlight and lay a bit low from his usual outlandish actions. Well, looks like he’s finally back to his old ways and this time he might have landed himself a bid in slammer.
Saturday, Rodman, made headlines after being arrested for a DUI. However, he was still on probation from his run in with the law, back in 2016, where he crashed driving the wrong way on an Orange County freeway. As a plea deal, Dennis Rodman only received three years of probation, in oppose to two years in prison, under the condition that he stays out of any trouble.

This means officials will be able to revoke his probation and require the ex-NBA star to serve the full two year sentence from his original 2016 case. They might even add on time for this new arrest he’s recently acquired! According to TMZ, his representative told them he’s in need of rehab, but it might be a little to late to help him, at this point. We’ll definitely keep you updated, Live Squad.