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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood starts with an in-depth look at K. Michelle’s butt injections removal procedure. You know all about her struggles with that because she has been very vocal about it. Moniece accompanies K. Michelle to her appointment and listens to her pour her heart out to the doctor about how the motor oil injected into her booty jacked up her health. Later on, we actually watch some of the procedure take place and then K Michelle complains about so-called friends who never visited her in the hospital.


Apple Watts is here for a minute, and she has the daddy drama storyline to prove it. Basically, she grew up in foster care and only met her dad a few years ago. Obviously, things are awkward. Apple is scarred because he abandoned her but went on to raise four other kids. He wants a relationship with her and offers to pay for a therapist for them to help her work through her issues so there’s that. Meanwhile, A1 and Lyrica respectively reveal that they are having second thoughts about their potential divorce.

In other news, Teairra Mari is still dickmatized by shady Akbar and Paris is still digging as if minding your business isn’t free. In fact, Paris finds out from Brooke, who has known Akbar for years, that Akbar’s thing is juggling multiple women at the same time and that there’s yet another woman in the Akbar girlfriend-wife-side-piece-matrix. The woman’s name is Alejandra and she and Akbar have a gym together. Paris, later on, confronts Alejandra and discovers that Miss Thang is aware of Akbar’s wife and Teairra, and says that Teairra drives their car. Don’t get it twisted, though, because they’re not sister wives and…



Seems like Teaira got some explaining to do her dang self.

A1 and Lyrica finally get together to talk. Lyrica still maintains that she and Safaree never had sex and that nothing ever happened between her and Safaree. A1 seems to accept this answer because this time Lyrica didn’t get defensive and she looked him dead in his eyes.


They discuss moving forward as a couple, Lyrica then hands him a positive pregnancy test. We’ve been hearing that news on #TheBlogs lately, so here’s proof. Next, they have to break the news to their families who hate each other.

We wind the episode down with A1 and Lyrica’s family dinner. A1’s mom, brother, Lloyd, and Lloyd’s wife, Patrice immediate start giving Lyrica the stank treatment when she shows up. Then Lyrica G shows up late to the party and demands to know what the heck is going on and then she and Patrice pop off on each other. This is far from over because in next week’s episode preview, we watch Lyrica G fall out when Lyrica says she’s pregnant. Y’all know she’s dramatic, and then, Ray J encourages Safaree to tell A1 that he slept with Lyrica that one time. Yeah, you guessed it, they’re (they = producers) trying to frame this as if Lyrica is pregnant with Safaree’s baby. Lordt.



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