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Queen Naija is under fire after not giving credit where it’s due.  She recently has been threatened with a lawsuit after being accused from stealing the melody from John P. Kee’s gospel song, ‘Life & Favor (You Don’t Know My Story) which was released in 2012. Her hit single ‘Karma’ sampled the hook which was released this year. ————————————————————————- In response to finding out about the stollen hook he responded on his IG story by saying, “Never would I try to shame a young artist! But be advised I’m not just an old Gospel artist! I’m a business man,” he replied. “I’ve been a publisher for over 35 years. This is bigger than her. Staff, producers, management, agents, etc. should have handled this properly out the gate!” ————————————————————————- She responded to his response in a twitter rant saying, “First of all while I was writing Karma that Gospel song was nowhere in my mind.” Queen continued, “Y’all act like people can’t think of the same melodies and trust me, that melody ain’t nothing crazy.  People will take anything and run with it.” ———————————————————————— Pastor John P. Kee still has plans to sue Queen for not giving credit where it’s due.  Still new to the music business, Queen tweeted, “Why is this man tryna sue me for something I didn’t do.  What in the fake church folk is going on.” Well Queen, since you’re new to this business we’ll give you a few tips: just because you didn’t know the song existed before your producer sampled it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay.  Two don’t discredit what’s already been done, just give credit where it’s due and move on.  Three, just remember what goes around comes back around.

In other words, run Pastor his money!