Kanye West is not slowing down on his efforts to bring his Sunday Service to as many cities and venues as possible. Following the number one success of his latest album, “Jesus Is King,” Ye has set up a new Sunday Service location, courtesy of megachurch pastor Joel Osteen. Related Stories: Kanye West Tops Billboard […]

Kanye West has been having jam sessions lately where he and his choir “take people to church” by their powerful voices, and gospel songs they perform. He’s been doing this every Sunday for a couple months now, and even had a full on crowd at his “service” at Coachella. According to reports, the crowds his […]

Queen Naija is under fire after not giving credit where it’s due.  She recently has been threatened with a lawsuit after being accused from stealing the melody from John P. Kee’s gospel song, ‘Life & Favor (You Don’t Know My Story) which was released in 2012. Her hit single ‘Karma’ sampled the hook which was […]

The actor said he’s going to donate $1 million dollars, and he’s giving his good friend Joel Osteen some coins too. According to TMZ, Tyler is standing by Pastor Osteen and giving him $250K to show his support. Related Stories: Joel Osteen Responds To Claims That He Closed His Mega Church To Hurricane Harvey Survivors […]

Baltimore mega preacher, Jamal Bryant is getting called out by a woman he had a child with, LaToya Odom. According to Odom, Bryant has ignored a court order regarding child support and now she wants the pastor jailed. Odom initially sued Bryant back in 2016, demanding he make child support payments for their son, John […]

In Bernice Jenkins' church announcements, she is sad to reveal the loss of Mother Bakewell's eldest son.

In Bernice Jenkins' church announcements, she has a message from the host of this year's super bowl party.

Bernice Jenkins announces that the church is helping a woman get to the super bowl.

Bernice Jenkins says the pastor was very upset last week after a big dinner the church had.

Members of a church in Sri Lankan were recently shocked during a Christmas Carol service on Dec. 11 when they received booklets with explicit lyrics from Tupac Shakur's "Hail Mary" rap song instead of words to the common Christian prayer of the same name.