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We all know someone who uses e-cigarettes. Vaping is starting to get very popular and unfortunately, it’s getting popular with young adults and teens. A new study says that it is causing lung issues.

18-year-old Chance Ammirata thought he was having a heart attack when he felt pressure in his check.  He told CBS This Morning that “It felt like I was genuinely having a heart attack. I would say my chest felt like it was collapsing and tightening up and I couldn’t breathe.” While he was in the emergency room, doctors told him that his right lung had a hole in it and had collapsed. They took him into surgery.

A surgeon repaired the hole in his lung. The surgeon told CBS News that Ammirata’s lungs were inflamed, which could have come from something he’d been inhaling. Ammirata wasn’t a traditional smoker told CBS that he started using e-cigarettes when he was about 16. He believes that the Juuls e-cigarettes caused his lungs to collapse.

Check out CBS News full story.

If you vape, you might want to stop and if you don’t, you don’t need to start. Your lungs are important!