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Working well together is what they do best

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A woman is supposed to look, dress, and act a certain way. She’s supposed to go on with her day as if she has it all under control. Women bare the children and in most cases, work and run the household too. Again, in many cases, but not all.

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Working moms feel like they can’t complain about their life because it’s some man or some woman secretly saying, “you get what you signed up for.” As soon as a woman temporarily clocks out of her motherly and/or wife duties, she then clocks into work.

In 2019, she’s more than likely working in a male-dominated industry where most of the men appear polished, well-rested, and it’s another day in the office. In that same office, a woman can’t appear too emotional, unkept, or even seem out of sorts. She has to have her game face on. Many times I hear women complain of working harder for less pay to prove themselves worthy.

The working woman doesn’t just fight the comparison of men, but women coworkers too as if we all live the same lifestyle and make the same pay. One would think women wouldn’t make it harder on another, but as stated earlier, in many cases, but not all. Some women only scream, “Girl Power” conveniently in the women’s bathroom. You have women that just think because they got hazed at the workplace then the next woman in the door should get the same treatment.

The battle continues.


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