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R&B-Sängerin Kelis Rogers bei einem Konzert im Wartesaal am Dom Köln

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The Milkshake singer #Kelis has been off the map for some time now, but not too far off according to this recent interview she did with #TheGuardian. She lives over two hours from LA on a 10-acre farm covered by rocky hills and pure privacy. Her husband and son also live there and they all take care of animals on a farm.

It’s been over twenty years since her debut album Kaleidoscope dropped with #CaughtOutThere and more hits from the alternative singer. She’s even made a recent guest appearance on #TheMaskedSinger show. But many wonder what happened over the years? From a messy break-up with rapper #Nas to ultimately no music released, fans have become curious.

Kaleidoscope was produced with the help of #PharrellWilliams and the Neptunes. Kelis was 19 during this time and thought it was a “beautiful and pure, creative safe space but it ended up not being that at all”. We all are familiar with the story of young artists being ripped off from lack of reading a contract or misunderstandings, but this time it happened to be her friends who ripped her off.

“I was told we we’re going to split everything 33/33/33 which we did not do. I was blatantly lied to and tricked”. This resulted in her making absolutely nothing in sales of her first two albums. She did not notice since she was making money off of touring. She’s seen Pharrell in the future and says he does the “head nod thing” where people act like everything is OK when in reality it’s not.

It’s refreshing to read an article where an artist is at peace with their journey and can share her experiences from others to learn from. The music industry can be tough so this is a lesson to read before signing anything.

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