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Baltimore Protests George Floyd Death

Source: Brandon Pierce / Brandon Pierce

As the nation continues to protest the alleged murder of George Floyd at the hands of 4 police officers in Minnesota, more and more celebrities are coming forward to speak out.

Last week we saw Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, Kim Kardashian and many others call for justice and today even more celebrities are using their platforms to call for justice, including Nicki Minaj. Take a look at what the Queen Barb and NFL player, Russell Wilson had to say on Instagram.

When 4 black THUGS commit a crime, if 1 person commits murder, they ALL get charged & CONVICTED. When white THUGS/COPS KILL innocent black people, ALL 4 of them are responsible‼️‼️‼️ They all watched an unarmed man die and did nothing‼️ Why do they have different rules????? Let your voice be heard. Be angry. White people have been using violence against us since the beginning of time. We didn’t invent violence & looting. Will these officers actually get convicted? Probably not. Let your voice be heard. Call & TEXT to be a part of these petitions. May Mr. Floyd Rest In Peace.”


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