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Soulja Boy wants people to acknowledge how he impacted the rap game doing these 50 Years of Hip Hop Celebrations.

With all the 50 years of hip-hop being celebrated going on, Soulja Boy went on Twitter to give himself his own flowers. The rapper has claimed several times over the years that he’s the first to achieve a number of musical firsts, and he didn’t pass up the moment to do it again.

“When I came in the game they said I killed hip-hop,” Soulja Boy tweeted. “But really, I birthed the new wave of hip-hop with internet [and] streaming. Ahead of my time. #HipHop50.”

Soulja Boy continued, claiming that he has set certain trends throughout his time in the industry.

“Now everyone vlogs their career like me,” Soulja Boy tweeted. “Now everyone uploads their music to the internet. Now everyone goes live for their fans. I started it. Thank me or not. Flowers [and] credits or not. #HipHop50.”

One thing that can’t be denied is that Soulja Boy has been influential in hip-hop, starting with creating the “Crank Dat” era and making a litany of songs that people wanted to dance to. He was also the first rapper to have his own game console, although the product’s sales were lackluster.