If you are wondering why Nicki Minaj hasn’t found the time to respond back to the hip hop lashing of Lil Kim perhaps the answer really has revealed during her recent Summer Jam appearance. It looks like Nicki has had a few personal distractions or maybe just one in particular. Remember when Nicki spit “I’m plotting on how I can take Cassie away from Diddy” in Usher’s single “Lil Freak” well maybe she’s been successfully in her plan.

Nicki Minaj and Cassie turned heads as they walked hand in hand backstage at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. According to Blogxilla:

Nicki Minaj and Cassie might actually be a couple now. Last night at the historic Hot 97 New York Summer Jam Cassie roamed around backstage waiting for her “friend” Nicki Minaj to get off stage. Once Nicki Minaj left the stage Cassie was there to greet Nicki for each of her numerous performances. As fans mobbed Nicki and the paparazzi swarmed Nicki Minaj, Cassie played the back, until Nicki Minaj would eventually grab her hand and walk off together into the restricted area. As of now this is just a rumor but it seems a little suspect if you catch my drift. To Diddy I quote what Missy once famous chanted on a popular tune “Is That Your Chick?????”