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The woman behind the viral Cheesecake Factory date has spoken out. In an Instagram video by Life Coach and Relationship Leader Louis Johnson, the young lady defended her decision to refuse The Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain as an acceptable first date spot.

During the interview, the woman stated that she was raised to believe that a man was supposed to care for her. And while she did say in the full interview that she could see her “role in the conflict,” she also explained why her actions were warranted. “I was always raised that the man is supposed to cater to you. I mean, you’re courting me, so court me. That means wherever I want to go, you take me. Whatever I want, you buy me. That’s courting; I’m looking for a provider,” she expressed.

Cheesecake Factory Date Woman Defends Her Actions

When asked if her peer group would have agreed with her on her feelings about the Cheesecake Factory, she boldly said they would and added that she has an image to protect. The man she attempted to go on a date to the Cheesecake Factory with was also in the video but didn’t say a word in the clip posted to Instagram. 

In the comments, followers were not here for her explanation. One follower typed that the young woman does not know what courtship means. “Wrong idea about courtship. No, he doesn’t have to do whatever you want. You are just looking for someone to use. Courtship is the period you guys get to know each other. I feel she was trying to put herself on a pedestal she is not,” commented the user. Other followers agreed and stated that the guy dodged a bullet, and he did. 

Check out the full interview here.


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