It was the dress that broke the internet back in 2015, one of the most puzzling brain busters of the digital age. Now, instead of white & gold or blue & black, the man behind the viral craze may be wearing black & white for a while. The Guardian reports that 38-year-old Scottish man Keir Johnston […] Lemonade stand with Leah Henry has a very controversial interview. Columbus Native “Amora Lex” has been all over the internet for her live posts at Children Protective Services giving her children to the government. The internet is very torn about her decision to give her kids up. Lex has also had a lot of […]

Relationships are a constant source of drama as anyone who’s ever thought they were in love knows. TikTok user @reesamteesa‘s 50-part saga has riveted social media and gone viral, reported on by sites as mainstream as USA Today and Forbes. Reesa’s account of her marriage to a man she called “Legion” has been viewed millions […]

52 parts told over an intense six hours, the TikTok heartbreak story of Ressa Tessa and "Legion" has jaws dropped across social media. The post Who TF Did I Marry: You Won’t Believe This Georgia Woman’s 6-Hour Viral TikTok Story Of Betrayal appeared first on Black America Web.

After the music video for his "Fire Drill" freestyle drew views and controversy, CEO $howoutt stops by to chat about the drama.

The soulful track received an increase in streams thanks to a popular dance challenge, and Cheryl Lynn is reaping all the benefits.

Druski‘s comedic ways may have gotten him into a situation that his jokes can’t get him out of. The social media comedian reportedly had his chain taken by Birdman in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, on Friday, it began when Birdman ran up on Druski while at a recording studio. The video footage shows Druski […]

The woman from the Cheesecake Factory date is speaking out about the viral video and doubling down on her stance.

A woman is facing major backlash after refusing to get out of her date's car because he took her to the "chain" restaurant.

A TikTok user went viral after highlighting an Atlanta seafood restaurant and documenting the fact she ate 48 oysters on a date.

A beautiful Home Depot employee who shared a workplace bathroom selfie has become the center of the so-called "modern woman" debate.

What happens when two exes confront each other about cheating? The Scene explores the situation in a six minute video where a woman named Kourtney was cheated on multiple times. In a cringing, girl-what-are-you-doing kind of feeling, the two discussed what went wrong. Watch the emotional exchange below. Here’s how social media reacted. […]