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Basketball fans sparked a riot in Los Angeles last night after the local team won the NBA Championship.

Supporters of the LA Lakers threw rocks and bottles, torched cars and smashed windows after their team’s 83-79 victory over the Boston Celtics. Initially celebrations outside the side’s Staples Centre stadium in the city centre were warm and friendly following the historic win in the last of seven games in the final.

But within hours, violence had spread throughout the city.

Dozens of arrest were made as troublemakers in several locations threw rocks and bottles, set cars on fire, got into fights, and in some cases harassed motorists trying to leave the area, police said. ‘As the crowds left the area, we had some groups that decided to celebrate irresponsibly,’ LAPD spokeswoman Mary Grady said ‘It’s unfortunate, because you had a great game, and you had a great victory by the Lakers, and unfortunately some people decide that this is how they’re going to celebrate.