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Source: KiddNation / Kidd Nation

A father’s response to his daughter’s alleged bully has gone viral on social media.

Going by the name Kavi on TikTok, he detailed his efforts to address the bullying before resorting to drastic measures. Despite attempts to resolve the issue peacefully, including communication with the bully’s family, the harassment persisted. In a controversial move, Kavi confronted the bully’s father, with the assistance of his brothers.

“To the seven-year-old girl who had to watch me and my brothers jump her daddy at the school, I’m sorry. I know that was probably a traumatizing experience for you. But we kept asking you to stop bullying my daughter, and you wouldn’t listen,” the dad said in his TikTok video.

The viral 30-second video gained attention, with nearly 12 million views and over 28,000 comments within 19 hours.

Reactions ranged from support to criticism, with many engaging in lively discussions about the incident and Kavi’s handling of it.

Do you think this father handled things the right way?

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