WASHINGTON–The House is approving a bill that could lead to the forced sale or nationwide ban of social media app TikTok. The bill requires TikTok’s parent company, Chinese-owned tech giant ByteDance, to sell the app within 180 days or see it banned from U.S. app stores. Lawmakers are concerned the Chinese government can access the […] The post House Approves Bill That Could Lead to Ban on TikTok appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.


TikTok could be banned in the United States due to security concerns.

Relationships are a constant source of drama as anyone who’s ever thought they were in love knows. TikTok user @reesamteesa‘s 50-part saga has riveted social media and gone viral, reported on by sites as mainstream as USA Today and Forbes. Reesa’s account of her marriage to a man she called “Legion” has been viewed millions […]

Jordan The Stallion, a popular TikTok figure with 12 million followers, dropped a new video featuring the legendary Method Man.

    UMG, the largest music company globally, has announced its decision to withdraw the music of its artists from TikTok this Wednesday, Jan 31st 2024, following the expiration of their current contract. The withdrawal comes from the unsuccessful negotiations to establish a new agreement with the platform. “As our negotiations continued, TikTok attempted to […] The post Artist and Songs that may Disappear from TikTok appeared first on B 105.7.

A TikTok user's video defending Megan Thee Stallion against Nicki Minaj riled up fans of the "Barbie" rapper enough to where they claim they were doxxed and threatened. Bela Delgado shared the claim in a follow-up video.

Load up your TikTok with these top Black TikTok influencers who will bring engaging content to your friends feeds.

Roda Osman, a Texas woman also known as Brick Lady, was charged with fabricating a story of being struck by a brick by a man she rejected.

The soulful track received an increase in streams thanks to a popular dance challenge, and Cheryl Lynn is reaping all the benefits.

The “girl math” TikTok trend has evolved into full on equations across social media. Check out our favorite trending tweets inside.

While this may be the first single off of her upcoming sequel to her 'Pink Friday' album, there's still no word on when that project will actually hit the streets.