According to research, men with full beards are viewed as being more attractive for long-term relationships.

Yolonda Faulkner has gone from wedding planner to bride after the man of her dreams, Eric Addison, surprised her with a sweet proposal for her birthday this year! Yolonda, the Managing Director and CEO of Details Consulting, has never been afraid to chase her dreams and make amazing things happen. As career-driven as she is, though, […]

Don't let being connected to the internet disconnect you from your partner.

In celebration, HelloBeautiful kicked off the pilot episode of our new series HelloBeautiful Presents: Black Love featuring three couples at three different stages in their relationships.

Modern dating is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Because of the pleasant and unpleasant surprises that come with finding a good mate, a lot of people view the process as stressful.

The answer may come as a surprise, considering that sex, is often pitched as a fix-all.

Your Tinder profile may be saying more about you than you think.

This is just another reason to roll over when you get that shoulder tap.

What goes on in someone else's bedroom is, frankly, none of our business.

Photographer Nia Jones had no clue how much her life would change when she shot a wedding and met the man she would marry, Johnny Frazier. She gained a husband, help meet, and business partner all in one click of her camera. Like so many of us have heard, love shows up when you’re not […]

After discovering the app, one Twitter user created the hashtag #shutdownsmoochr.