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Cardi B and JT of the City Girls were previously thought to be good associates at the very least but apparently, that isn’t the case. The Bronx star and the Miami rapper exchanged some harsh words about one another via Twitter and the Barbz, among others, are seemingly enjoying the mess.

It isn’t known exactly why this beef started but from what we’ve gathered from Twitter, Cardi B may have thrown the first subliminal shot and JT returned fire after a second tweet went up.

The tweets reading “Lapdog” and “Go Fetch” was cryptic until JT responded with, “Cardi you go fetch a real talent! We DM’ing why you come back here to put on a show for these KIDS?”

Cardi, not known for pulling punches, fired back with a Quote Tweet to JT that read, “So wait, me and you talking in the DM woman to woman, but YOU take it to your timeline and throw shots calling me a bully and a wiener… Why you playing dumb? And YOU talking about a talent?! haaaaa! You forgot P tried to put me on wit your writer?”

JT, also one to talk tough when necessary, came back with, “NO NO NO & NO again! See y’all wanna know so bad & be WRONG! I don’t gossip with her about NOBODY all this because of FAN pages!”

Cardi, clearly trying to remove herself from aby further online drama after her tussle with Akbar V, added, “Matter fact, I’m not even doing this on the timeline! It’s becoming real repetitive for doggy treats. We already addressing it in the DM’s. GOODBYE YALL.

JT still had more to say about ghostwriting allegations, while asserting that she holds her own pen when it comes to the music thus insinuating that Cardi does not.

“Wait I’m back for this last tweet cause who doing anything for doggy treats?? If anything glorilla have you a BONE that you need to go feed to that dog you was posing by the pool with for hot sh*t! Fancy pants,” JT added.

Cardi fired back with, “Hot sh*t debuted higher than any song you ever dropped or been on, prison pants. Everybody has good and bad moments but you haven’t had one since what? ACT UP?”

Yeah. We don’t know either and they’ve both admitted they’re in each other’s DMs trying to find an answer for each other’s shots.

Check out the reactions to the brewing Cardi B vs. JT beef below.

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