Although mostly conservative still, NC has a few fashion fashion forward folk roaming around and I aim to catch them all in their natural fashionable form. At least as many as I can. This month I put out a little bait to summon fashion enthusiasts to pull out their flyest outfit featuring fur to Mansion in […]

Morgan Kendall , a third year law student of North Carolina Central University. Tuesday, she made comments on Facebook. Kendall used the “N” word in regards to African-Americans. It was also stated that she commented , “Wish I could take credit for this” when it came tp the story of the bombs that were sent to […]

Inspired but the trials and tribulations of her mother, Skye decided to grow instead of becoming hurt by what her mother was doing. She says her latest single, Fairytale with Chris Brown and DJ Khaled is the perfect release , and Chris Brown let her know it. She also gives memorable advice. Skye Tunes : “My […]


After being locked up for 24 years in prison, Johnathan Fleming was cleared innocent  in 2014. He was wrongfully accused in New York of a murder in 1989. The evidence that was discovered in 2014, that set him in Disney World, the time that the victim was shot. After being released from jail, according to […]

This time, I nested in the middle of downtown Durham to what fashion vibes walked by. I wasn’t disappointed since it was in the evening, the time when most downtown areas liven up. OH yeah! You may have seen this little digital flyer going around. Be sure to look out for others like it to […]

It’s 919 Day and we couldn’t get all the Raleigh love, but we love you 919!

Getting dressed in African attire didn’t start or stop with premier of The Black Panther. Durham has a growing scene for African fashion. African Fashion Week has gotten bigger and this year was a major display of beautiful prints as you can expect. This year’s designers gave a modern touch in cuts and styles to […]


A 5th grader from Tarboro was punished by his teacher by responding to her with “yes ma’am.”       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark