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Inspired but the trials and tribulations of her mother, Skye decided to grow instead of becoming hurt by what her mother was doing. She says her latest single, Fairytale with Chris Brown and DJ Khaled is the perfect release , and Chris Brown let her know it. She also gives memorable advice.

Skye Tunes : My inspiration to keep going for me is my mother. My mother was a drug addict twenty-two years, $30,000 a month and now she has the large human trafficking recovery and reform group in the state of Texas, The United States actually!  And to go from that and to be, you know where she is now. I really (like), I look up to that.

That motivates me, that makes me feel like, (you know) for her to work with the Sheriffs Department now,  and you know to have nineteen felonies and do all of that (like there is) there is a road for me. There is a testimony in my in my journey. It’s something I used to be very bashful and I was very (very) ashamed to talk about it , but now I see when I speak it and tell people about it ;  and I give the real details about it. The real gory details that most people like to leave out, it touches people and it makes them want to tune in more to SKYE TUNES, no pun intended.

That’s my inspiration and I tell everybody, everywhere I go that you have to, you know , wake up every morning and truly walk in your purpose, but on purpose. Until you’re living your purpose on purpose, that’s not going to happen. You have to do everything that you want to do that God puts in your heart to do for you to be on this earth with conviction. If you don’t use it with conviction,  its not going to flourish or at least its not going to happen fast. You’re going to be going in cycles , and circles, circles, and circles. So I just tell everybody , you need to walk in your purpose and make sure you’re doing it on purpose.”

How did your latest single , Fairytale come together with Chris Brown and DJ Khaled?

Skye Tunes : “My very first single, Fairytale, with Chris Brown and DJ Khaled is a song that Chris actually wrote along with someone named Sam Hook. I had another song I did with Chris that I asked him to get on. It’s more of a club banger. Rapping and singing but you know he brought the song to me and said I think this is a very good start. I think the song is (I think) two minutes and (I think) seventeen seconds long, just give them a little piece. Show them some vulnerability. Show them, you know like a relatable side and then when we get the ear of everybody  then you can come out there and talk trash and do all that cocky stuff.

But the song is basically about , you know as a girl  I’ve always had my family and my friends tell me,  “why do you like that guy? He is not the one , you’re just in a toxic cycle”. And while the may be true about some people. You know everybody may not be like that. I think it’s timing for everything in life and especially in love. I think everybody’s happy ending is different, but I do think a happy ending  exist for everybody. So this is me stepping out on faith, saying, you know what ,I’mma give this person a chance. You know, you’re single until you’re married. I’m young , I’m not trying to get married today. So, I’m basically giving love a chance.”

What advice would you give to those that need to hear it?

Skye Tunes : ” So like I said again, you’ve got to walk in your purpose and you’ve got to do that on purpose.My advice is to stick to it , whatever that is. Don’t be ashamed of any obstacles that may come your way, because that’s what’s going to make you strong, that’s what’s going to make it happen for you. You know what I’m saying? I think, well I know I’m a living testimony. You know I’ve been doing this for a very long time , for about ten years professionally and I went from  a deal , to another deal , to my girl group breaking up.

Now here I am just lost searching for another deal and all these people are coming out on social media , just becoming stars; where is seems like its overnight. (And) Here I am ten years in the game, like I’m not there yet, but guess what? Everybody has their own timing for their dream and I just kept at it. You know I’m not on Billboard, number ten, number one yet ;  but I know it’s on the way. I have the right people around me. I have God, that’s my rock, that’s my solid foundation. Believe in something , believe in God, but (you know) just keep at it. (And) Like I said walk in your purpose and make sure you walk on purpose.”