Amber Rose

Recently, Amber Rose bragged about buying out the infamous Ace Of Diamonds, a strip club located in LA, but the original owners are not having it! Rose is being sued by SKWS Enterprises for about 1 millions dollars for slandering the club, meaning she made a false statement to the public. According to SKWS Enterprises, […]

Amber responded to a lawsuit saying that she formed a corporation called Ace of Diamonds, Inc.

Amber Rose may be regretting a statement she made at the All Def Movie Awards on Wednesday. In a video released, the model and entrepreneur excited the audience when she announced that she’s buying the popular L.A. strip club Ace of Diamonds. Well, it looks like Ace of Diamonds is not too happy with her words. The […]

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It looks like Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa may have reconciled once again.

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Check out these celebs who've begged for forgiveness in 2016.

Amber Rose is one of those celebrities with a major presence on social media, with tons of followers on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Well, due to the scary incident that just occurred to her ex Kanye West, she’s clearing her head with some time away from her social media. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]