Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Chris Rock and more artists take part in “23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You’re Black In America”. It’s a video call to peace, action and humanity. Check it out below:   CARMELO ANTHONY CALLS OUT ALL ATHLETES!!  JAY Z DROPS “SPIRITUAL” TRACK Source: Kyle Pompey / Kyle Pompey *** CHECK OUT […]

The Oscar’s may have come and gone but people are still talking about the shot that Chris fired off at actress Jada Pinkett Smith. While ratings for the 88th Academy Awards were pretty low, everyone heard what Chris had to say about Jada and her boycott of the show during his opening monologue. Jada was […]


Amidst the controversy surrounding the Academy Awards this year, viewership hit an 8-year low.

What were your thoughts on the way that Chris Rock tackled the #OscarsSoWhite controversy that had many celebrities in an uproar/ boycott? Related Stories: Montana Of 300 Talks Chris Rock, Meeting Rick Rubin, Hanging With KimYe, & New Project Chris Rock Scraps Monologue To Write A New One That Addresses Racial Controversy! Text “K975” To […]

Chris Rock rocked out the opening monologue at this year’s Oscars!! What did you think of it? Was he on point or off the mark? Check it out below. RIHANNA’S NEW “WORK” VIDEO WITH DRAKE!! WHAT YOU MISSED AT THE OSCARS!! *** CHECK OUT  DJ ANGELBABY M-F 10 AM – 3PM ON K 97.5  & FOLLOW […]


Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled it out on Thursday during MSNBC's Democratic Candidates Debate in Durham, New Hampshire.

Montana of 300 stopped by to discuss his rise in the rap game, being different from other Chicago artists, hanging with Kanye West and Rick Rubin, and details about his new project.

While some demanded that Chris Rock step down from hosting the Oscars amidst criticism that they were far too white-washed this year, we were sure he’d…

With all of the controversy about Oscar’s and race, Chris Rock has found himself in the middle of the mess as people called for him to quit as this year’s awards host. Well it looks like he has another agenda as the comedian reportedly scrapped his entire monologue for the ceremony and started over. According […]