In part two of Nick Gordon‘s interview with Dr. Phil, Nick clears up some misconceptions about his use of drugs with his late girlfriend Bobbi Kristina. He says that although people have dubbed him as person who started the drug abuse, it’s a different story. Click on the audio player for more from Gary With Da Tea about this story in this edition of Gary’s Tea. […]

Beanie Sigel is defending Katt Williams following the comedian's brawl at his concert in Philadelphia Sunday night.

After six months of running, “El Chapo” will be returning to the same maximum security prison he escaped from. Now if you remeber El Chapo used an underground tunnel to break out of a Mexican prison back in July. According to CNN, this wasn’t the first time he has escaped from prison. Now lets see […]

When Chicago community activist Andrew Holmes was sent a video of a child smoking marijuana, he quickly notified police.

Legally, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are still married and she’s calling all of the shots. Lamar Odom who is in a coma due to a overdose has had multiple seizures and kidney failure since being hospitalized. Khloe has been by his side since hours after Lamar was admitted into the hospital. Kardashian flew in […]

Medical examiners have determined the cause of death for Bobbi Kristina Brown, but they're keeping mum on details.

They say crime doesn’t pay, but over time, gangsters have proven otherwise. In the early part of the 20th century, a gangster’s profit was measured…

Charnesia Corley was pulled over for running a stop sign and was subjected to a forcible cavity search after cops claim they smelled weed.

Jerome Bettis, aka “The Bus,” is known for on-the-field toughness during his NFL career, and off-the-field charisma that led him to becoming an analyst for…

A U.S. district judge used Bill Cosby’s 2004 “Pound Cake” speech, which took Black parents to task for failing to properly raise their kids, as…