Keyshia Cole’s reality star mom, Frankie want to get her hands on the singer’s ex boyfriend, Birdman for breaking her daughter’s heart. Look like it will be a Man Down situation when she see him.

Keyshia Cole’s biological mom, Frankie, and Lil Scrappy’s mom, Mama Dee, came to blows during a live appearance on Ryan Cameron’s Morning Show on V-103…

 Get ready for Keyshia Coles new reality show “Family First” and yes Frankie will be making an appearance but not all of Keyshia’s family will be a part of this show. Neffie and Keyshia are not getting along so she will not be appearing on the show. It must be really bad between the two sisters because Keyshia admitted she […]

Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie Lons who recently debuted her video “Frankie Leg” is back on the scene with an inspirational new novel. The Best Years I Never Had takes readers through the pains of being a single mother on drugs, and Frankie’s fight to survive day to day. The petite powerhouse shares her personal struggles […]

With all of the reality show coming out I think Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie and Jim Jones mother Mama Jones should get a show together. Yeah that would be a code 10 situation. They are both off the chain and they both roc the mic. Check out Mama Jones “Psychotic B$%*h” and Frankie’s “The Frankie […]

This foolishnees must come to an end. These random reality shows. Keyshia Cole’s sister Neffe is now shopping her reality show “Neffe’s World”. R U serious. So what will it show …..her getting upset when Keyshia Cole don’t support her anymore O_O. WTH we wanna watch Neffe’s world????To see guest appearances from Frankie in a […]

Stop The Madness…. Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie has a new song and dance out. The Frankie Leg…Check out the video….SMDH

First Monica now her bestie Keyshia Cole is having a second wedding and it looks like we will be able to see it on her new reality show….”Countdown To The Big Wedding”. I wonder if Frankie and Neffie will be part of it?? The show will follow Keyshia and Boobie as they prepare for their […]

Bitch don’t know @Sweetback got the scoop? Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie fresh out of rehab may want to rethink who she dates. Word on the street is that Frankie is dating Slick ‘Em formerly of Pretty Ricky. Remember the story I did about Slick ‘Em sniffing that white powder on camera, why would Frankie who […]

It’s a Code 10 Situation…. Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie was arrested. She was stopped for a routine traffic violation when the PoPo noticed she had a warrant out for her arrest. After searching Frankie the police discovered “drug related material.”She wasarrested and booked for misdemeanor possession of drug-related material and the probation violation. MAN DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently told you guys that Keyshia Cole’s mom was arrested for failing a drug test, well it turns out that rumor was wrong. According to Frankie’s publicist, Cherry Banez, Frankie was arrested because she missed her probation visit due to the fact that she was undergoing treatment at Dr. Drew’s Pasadena Rehab center in […]

R&B singer Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie is behind bars for failing a routine drug test. The “Celebrity Rehab” alumni tested positive for an illegal substance during a routine drug test at her parole officer’s office. Frankie is set to see a judge today and could face up to 2 years in prison. When is this […]