The Triangle Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee and Radio One invite you to join us as we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Willie Moore, Jr. returned to the RVA for Transformation Expo 2017! The radio personality-turned-best-selling-author took the time to speak with KISS Richmond’s King Tutt about his new book 'Happily After All.'

News One

John Wilson, President, Morehouse College, says he doesn’t know if Trump’s HBCU executive order will make an impact.

Rapper JR is a hometown hero with a lot of swag and a lot more support. Watch as he goes from sneaking backstage to being center stage at HOT 104.1’s Super Jam 2016! Above are a few of our favorite shots from his Super Jam debut too. BONUS! Check out his backstage interview with Shorty Da […]


A tribute to all the actors and actresses who have brought legends back to life through films.

Also in today's round-up, Greece accepts a bailout plan with creditors after missing the IMF deadline and Donna Karen steps down from DKI.


Over the past weekend Oprah Winfrey held a “Legends of Selma” brunch to honor Civil Rights pioneers who helped pave the way for all of…

This past Sunday morning was beyond normal at the House of Hope in Decatur, GA! In the midst of Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. ministering…

With all the talk about deadbeat dads I love seeing something like this. Ricky Weems, Jr posted a video of his 10-year-old daughter performing an original rap talking about the love her dad have for his kids and the things he have done for them as her dad acts as the hype man. Check out […]