Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne will reportedly shave off four months from his one-year jail sentence as new reports suggest he will depart Rikers Island this fall. According to reports, Weezy F. Baby is set to come home by early November. Lil Wayne is approximately halfway through his one-year jail sentence, which began March 8 when […]

Via: Lil Wayne will be droppiing a new project on his birthday entitled “I’m Not A Human Being.” Dropping on his birthday, Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant told Vibe, “I’m putting out a [Wayne] album called I’m Not A Human Being and I’ll probably drop it on his birthday, September 27.” The album will serve […]

Incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne will escape further jail time after reportedly striking a deal with U.S. prosecutors and pleading guilty to a 2008 drugs charge, according to a new report. The Lollipop hit-maker is currently serving 12 months behind bars at New York’s Rikers Island prison, after he was convicted of illegal weapons possession in […]

Via Here is an interview with the underage girl who has been causing controversy due to her pictures with Lil Wayne and rumors and facebook posting that she made out and or had sex with him. According to a posting on Facebook Lil Wayne has been spreading love with some underage girls. The post […]

  Via: The WORLD PREMIERE of Lil Wayne’s “On Fire!” He is due for sentencing in February 2010 and is expected to receive a one-year jail sentence. Will you Buy Lil Wayne’s album when it drops??!!

Via Aliyah Najm (left), Jocita Carter (middle), and Lorraine Smith (right) are pitching a brand new talk show hosted by the trio.

Via:  HelloBeautiful.Com On a recent episode of The Mo’Nique Show, rap mogul Baby reached into his deep pockets and pulled out a watch estimated to value around $150,000.00! It might have been an apology gift, seeing as how Mo revealed an incident that transpired between them at the Source Awards, where they squabbled over use of her […]