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Ferguson officials have missed crucial deadlines that were set by the Department of Justice in efforts to reform policing procedures.

Monica Elaine Sykes, 25, vanished in October after leaving her home in Berkeley, Missouri, that she shared with an older sister.

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Illinois has lost more people than any other state during the course of the year.

A group of Missouri high school students, mostly rocking cowboy hats, turned their backs and displayed a Donald Trump sign as the starting roster for a mostly Black basketball team was announced.


Singer Janelle Monáe took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to mourn the loss of her thirty-seven-year-old cousin, Natasha Hays.

It’s Super Tuesday and everyone here in Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida are taking it to the poll to vote in the primary election for November’s presidential poll. We got a call from Senator Bernie Sanders and listen to what he has to say as in why we should vote for him. Related […]

Springfield, Missouri resident Jeffrey Tindle says his neighbors are wrong to complain about the Confederate flag and noose hanging outside his home, because it isn't racist.

Twitter explodes because #Mizzou students fear their lives after internet threats via #YikYak surface online. The threats were made by alleged KKK members who threatened to gun down black students on campus (the perpetrators who made the threats have not been discovered). Students contacted the school authorities about the threats but #Mizzou made a statement […]

Head's statement on Facebook was so well received that it has now been shared almost 1,200 times.

Tyrone Harris, the 18-year-old that was shot by Ferguson police after allegedly firing at officers at the one-year anniversary of the protests in the city,…

Compton rapper, The Game surprised 100 kids with Happy Meals from McDonalds in Ferguson, Missouri. The Game participated in making the food, working the drive through and cash register. The rapper wrote about the experience saying it was “Dope!” To view pictures, click here. Related Stories: Young Thug Responds To The Game’s Threat The Game […]


Oh, Missouri. Oh Missourah? Or is it Oh Misery if you are receiving food stamps? (Or live in Ferguson?) A Republican state lawmaker in Missouri…