It’s confirmed! Chrisette will perform at the inauguration of Trump. The deal was reached a week ago, but has been kept “a big secret” because Michelle’s camp feared the seven days of criticism that would surely lead up the President-elect’s big day. They became especially concerned when Jennifer Holliday, who’d committed to performing for PEOTUS […]

People have expressed their disappointment in the fact that Donald Trump will be our next president in unique ways. Some people cried, others marched but WakaFlocka literally wiped his a** with a Trump jersey! The rapper was performing at the Georgia Theatre when he spotted University of Georgia student, Kyle Weber, wearing a Trump jersey. […]

Dave Chappelle was performing at The Savoy in Inglewood Monday night, when he threatened to shut down the show if people kept recording him, and uploading his show to YouTube. Chappelle started talking about President Obama’s last days and the start of “Cheeto-elect’s” presidency. When all of a sudden, an argyle sweater wearing guy shouted […]

Last week, Steve Harvey met with Donald Trump to discuss his assisting with inner-city housing issues. Read More: Not Fake News: Steve Harvey Went To Meet Donald Trump Yesterday After her husband received criticism for the meeting, Marjorie Harvey took to Instagram to defend her husband’s actions.       Follow Karen Clark on […]

The election may be over, but the Donald Trump-themed openings on SNL keep coming with more jokes directed toward his Twitter account. Within an hour of air time, Trump sent out a late night tweet in response to a “Saturday Night Live” skit featuring his use of Twitter. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin wasted no time […]

When Bernice Jenkins made her routine call to Cora and the rest of her friends in heaven, she got a treat and heard Maya Angelou recite a poem about Donald Trump winning the election. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Bernice also got to talk to Uncle Phil, and Tommy Ford. Plus, everything comes to a […]

Kanye West tells black people to stop fussing on racism during his latest tour stop in San Jose, California… West says he would’ve voted for Trump! What are your thoughts? Yeezy for President in 2020?? Related Stories: Is Kanye West Putting A Strain On His Marriage? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] Jeezy Explains Kanye West’s Real Problem With […]

Last year Martin Shkreli purchased the only copy of the Wu-Tang album, “One Upon A Time In Shaolin,” for a total of 2 million dollars. According to Complex, Shkreli made a promise to Wu-Tang fans that id Donald Trump won the presidential election, he would share snippets from the album. Welp, Trump has won the […]

This week, the new host of The Daily Show has been focusing on the election and he's really finding his voice.

It has been almost 2 months since Colin Kaepernick first protested the National Anthem and more celebrates are taking a stance as well. S8 formally known as Shawn Stockman, of the legendary group Boyz II Men, understands the message behind the protest and wants to help enlighten others. Related:  T.I. Addresses War On Drugs & Mass Incarceration […]

It’s not news that we’re in the middle of a very bizarre, very high stakes election year. Hillary Clinton, who could be America’s first female president, is facing off against Donald Trump, trust-fund baby and racist liar. If he were to win, America would be an even rougher place for black people to live in- […]